Bookkeeping Services


Bookkeeping Setup & Support

Hood, CPA & Associates will assess and provide your company’s bookkeeping needs. Accurate record-keeping is essential to the success of a business. This component can be complicated and time consuming. We provide Quickbooks and Xero setup and support in order to assist in the organization of your startup business, or established company. We also can provide you full service bookkeeping for your company. We specialize in monthly reconciliation, quarterly reconciliation, and even year end clean up of your books if this hasn't been taken care of throughout the year. Being able to look at accurate financials of your business monthly or quarterly, will give you the ability to continually assess your company's sustainability and future success. 

Bookkeeping Review

Hood, CPA & Associates can provide a reconciliation review for companies that have an internal employee providing bookkeeping / payroll tasks. We can provide an expert review of your transactions, accounts and reports. This review process will help ensure that you receive reliable financial information. We will also provide any adjustments, reclassification or corrections necessary to ensure that the financial information you receive reflects the correct financial standing of your business. We can offer this reconciliation style review monthly or quarterly.